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If you are simply interested in upgrading your High Availability solution, we can do that for you too! To get a great quote to upgrade and replace your existing, old legacy HA product, please fill out the form on the right.

Remember when you buy a Maxava HA software license:

  • We don’t charge CPW fees
  • We don’t charge “technology upgrade fees”

Many Maxava HA customers have successfully switched from other High Availability/Disaster Recovery Products to Maxava HA.

Their reasons are varied, but often unexpectedly high transfer and upgrade fees, concerns about performance, or what would happen in a real disaster are common.

As you will see from this website, Maxava has a long tradition in the IBM i market and has a reputation for very high quality, high performance solutions that are used by many of the most demanding IBM i sites globally.

We continue to innovate and new products such as our Mi8 monitoring solution and our latest Maxava CPR solution, continue to deliver real value to IBM i users around the word.

If you are running another IBM i high availability or disaster recovery product and are looking for better performance, better support, confidence that your solution will actually work in a real disaster and most importantly fair pricing, it is time to switch to Maxava.

Contact us now for more information about the program that is designed especially for you.  It is more than just great HA!

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