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Maxava offers the full array of Cloud-related services for IBM i High Availability and Disaster Recovery, allowing its partners to provide the ideal business continuity solution to IBM i users.  Maxava has the full package, including brand new, fully redundant systems and infrastructure, wrapped up with our industry-leading software, and bundled with full implementation, remote monitoring and support services.  Alternatively, Maxava can provide just the components you need to round out your offering.

Maxava’s own infrastructure is installed and operational in leading data centers in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific and we have our own local highly qualified technical staff in each region.

Maxava’s full Cloud HA offers rapid role swap capability in the event of a disaster while Maxava Real-time VaultingTM delivers “last transaction recovery”.  Maxava Cloud Services options give you the best business continuity solution, regardless of scale or budget.

What is Cloud Availability and what are the benefits?

The Cloud is a means of delivering computing power as a service rather than as a product, and it is ideally suited to Business Continuity. It offers scalability on demand and in a ‘private Cloud’ it is operated solely for one company.

Conventional in-house or On-Premise Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability (HA) solutions are preferred in some business sectors such as banking, where major security concerns are paramount, or where customers have a strong in-house IBM i technical team.  Maxava fully supports this model.

For other businesses, and the majority of IBM i users, Maxava-based Cloud solutions offer a number of advantages. This model is also known as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Recovery as a Service (RaaS).

Maxava can offer partners interested in delivering Cloud solutions:

  • Industry-leading software delivering unsurpassed performance and ease of use
  • 24x7x365 support
  • Professionally operated backup data center
  • Turnkey solution including implementation, monitoring and support
  • Access to our team of experienced, professional, IBM i technical experts
  • Proprietary, advanced remote and mobile monitoring tools
  • Tape backup service
  • Regular full and Simulated Role SwapTM testing
  • Direct support of our development lab if required
  • Low bandwidth solution, making internet-based replication standard
  • Unlike hardware replication solutions, Maxava HA allows the backup system to be utilized for business intelligence applications
  • Brand new fully-redundant IBM i, storage and networking infrastructure – backed up by current manufacturer support agreements
  • Over 8 years of experience supporting Cloud-based solutions and hundreds of fully operational Cloud customers around the world
  • The benefits of our IBM Premier Business Partner and MSP status as well as our reseller accreditations
  • Lower overall solution cost
  • Simple monthly fee
  • No capital expenditure necessary.

Why are current IBM i customers flocking to the Cloud and why should you care?

Often businesses that run on IBM i do not have access to a backup data center or even a backup IBM i. In addition, many are exposed by having access to a limited number of high quality IBM i technical experts.

These businesses want to focus on their core activities and leave their Business Continuity to be fully managed by a specialist organization that can provide geographical diversity, comprehensive data center services and regular Disaster Recovery testing.

Using Cloud HA, the IBM i’s critical Data, Objects and IFS can be replicated transaction by transaction to a multi-tenanted (virtualized) or private IBM i server in an offsite data center at a secure remote location.

Cloud DR is now recognized as one of the fastest growing IT markets with Gartner estimating the compound annual growth rate at approximately 30%. It predicts that the DRaaS market will have surpassed more traditional subscription-based DR services by 2018.

Currently there are approximately 150,000 users of the IBM i platform, globally, including up to 95% of Fortune 500 companies. Penetration for IBM i real-time replication is estimated to be around 10%.  Many of the organizations that use this platform are determined to break their reliance on tape backup solutions in the short term.  Gartner estimates that 40% of large enterprises will have eliminated tape for operational recovery by the end of 2016.

Customers are looking for Business Partners that can meet their cross-platform DR needs.  Maxava can seamlessly provide the IBM i services to round out your DR services portfolio.

Pricing information

Maxava uses our proprietary software and infrastructure to deliver secure multi-tenanted Cloud Disaster Recovery and High Availability.  Our model ensures that customers have contractually guaranteed levels of production computing resource in the event of disaster and access to up to 5 times that resource, limited only by other simultaneous disaster declarations.

For hybrid Cloud, monthly license fees are determined by the processor group (P-group) of the customer’s production system. Fees are not charged on the service provider’s host machine.

Contact Maxava for pricing in your region.

Customer information

Maxava has delivered Cloud solutions to IBM i customers for numerous partners around the world, including Sungard Availability Services and SunGard Public Sector in the United States. Interest in Cloud solutions for Disaster Recovery continues to grow rapidly with increased revenue growth and gross profit growth reported for Cloud users. Contact us for more information about Maxava in the Cloud.

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