Maxava CPR

Capture updated files at a critical point in time and have the confidence and ability to restore them if you need to.

  • Archiving Gives You Peace of Mind – Manage risks associated with regulatory compliance and litigation by implementing Maxava CPR. Be confident in the knowledge Maxava CPR is maintaining an archived copy of your critical data.
  • Malicious Data Deletion Protection – Benefit from the certainty Maxava CPR provides you, by automatically protecting your critical IBM i data from the impacts of internal or external malicious data deletion.
  • Data Loss Safeguard – Build Maxava CPR into your operational procedures so you don’t need to worry about unplanned IBM i data loss caused by poorly executed business processes and unintentional circumstances.
  • Point-in-Time Recovery – Use Maxava CPR to define the point-in-time IBM i data has changed and roll forward or backward your IBM i data up to the pivotal transaction.
  • Remain Available – Continue uninterrupted replication with Maxava HA while performing all Maxava CPR tasks. Role swap Maxava CPR when role swapping with Maxava HA. Maxava CPR is compatible with Maxava HA and other IBM i HA products.

Control recoverability of your archived critical data. Utilize real-time, event-based, and scheduled critical data snapshot management features to give you proactive assurance.


Trigger Capture Points

Take secure snapshots of critical data in real-time immediately prior to data changing on your system. Schedule regular snapshots and include CPR tasks as part of your application’s processes.

Capture Point Retention

Determine how many snapshots to keep and for how long you want them retained. Use Maxava CPR’s options to manage data retention.

Maxava CPR is your Recovery Option

Maxava CPR allows you to carefully reintroduce recovered data back into production. Recover and analyze key data without interrupting business.

Trusted Process

Rely on proven and dependable IBM and Maxava features for the operation of Maxava CPR.