Maxava Covid-19 Program

We would like to provide practical support and enable our Maxava HA customers and partners to work effectively, off-site through the Covid-19 outbreak.  We have arranged for FREE implementation and use of Mi8 remote monitoring and management software for IBMi, for 6 months to 30 September 2020.

Mi8 is developed by our sister company, Furasta.

This free Mi8 package will allow you to remotely monitor all of your systems running any Maxava HA software, from one pane of glass, from any location, whether that be in your NOC or on a PC at your home.

This offer also includes a free remote implementation and training package to use Mi8 to monitor both Maxava HA and your general IBM i environment.

In terms of Covid-19 preparedness, Maxava and Furasta remain 100% open for business and are committed to not only maintain our service during this time, but to step-up and make our remote support, and support technology, accessible to our valued customers and partners.

Our teams are widely distributed around the globe and are fully experienced in providing high quality, remote support.  In addition, we have taken a range of further measures to protect our staff and ensure business continuity.

If you would like to use Mi8 free of charge, please fill out the short form, by clicking the button below.  You will then receive an email with further instructions and details.  Mi8 will be available under this offer, free of charge, initially to 30 September 2020.  We will assess any ongoing need as necessary.



If your organization is impacted and the above solutions don’t meet your needs, please reach out to your Account Manager. We are committed to assisting our customers so that they successfully navigate this uncertain period.

Best Regards

Allan Campbell | CEO | Maxava