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Maxava HA Enterprise+

Maxava HA Enterprise+ offers comprehensive High Availability and Disaster Recovery readiness for an IBM i application. Designed for complex environments and organizations serious about their business continuity.

Maxava HA SMB

Maxava HA SMB includes capability for data, object and IFS replication and introduces role swap support.

Maxava HA Data Stream

Maxava HA Data Stream is an entry level one-way data only replication engine.

Maxava Archive CPR

Protect critical data from corruption with point-in-time recoverability so don’t need to worry about unplanned IBM i data loss caused by poorly executed business processes and unintentional circumstances.

Monitor Mi8

Introducing Monitor Mi8, your intelligent monitoring solution.
Mi8 makes it easy to monitor IBM Power Systems, Windows and Linux applications and systems even when on the go. Its web-based interfaces mean access is securely available via a browser – from desktop, tablet or mobile phone. It even has its own specialist App for iPads, iPhones and the Apple Watch. Automate your standard monitoring process with out-of-the-box monitoring rules and alerts for common tasks. Download the product sheet to learn more.

Security Mi7

Introducing Security Mi7, cloud based security for IBM i Power Systems.
Mi7 is a streamlined security and compliance management solution that consolidates security responsibilities onto the Cloud Console hosted on the IBM Cloud.