Hukerenui School: World Junior Community Problem Solving Grand Champions

It was Maxava’s pleasure to sponsor the junior student team from Hukerenui School in the north of New Zealand when they represented their country at the 2015 FPS International Conference at Iowa State University in June.

FPSPI, whose mission is to “develop the ability of young people globally to design and promote positive futures through problem solving using critical and creative thinking,” holds an annual event in the USA that is attended by student teams from all around the world.

Thousands who have learned and practised the FPSPI methodology have continued to apply it to all aspects of their daily lives, long after leaving school.

The Hukerenui School team’s project, R.U.R.A.L (Recognising Understanding Rural Agricultural Learning) focused on the enormous amount of unused land space at their school, showing how it could be used more effectively into the future, so that students could benefit from learning opportunities that land could provide.

Katie Barnes, one of the young R.U.R.A.L Problem Solving Team, details some of the work performed by the team ahead of the competition: “We developed many different projects including planting 5ha of maize, planting a maize trial for Pioneer Seeds, re-claiming our Native bush, making natural remedies, planting and using lavender, developing our beehives, building a paddock and sourcing animals to keep and planting an orchard. Over the past 2 years we have spent a lot of time developing these projects and completing our project to compete at the National and International Future Problem Solving Competitions.”

Maxava is proud to report the huge success of this team, overall winners of the junior event!hukerenui2_small

As Katie reported, “I was so excited when we heard we were the Overall Junior Community Problem Solving Grand Champions and to hear the judges describe our project as being phenomenal!”

Check out the photos to see both the excitement and popularity of the FPS event, and all the work that went into preparing for it, by the Hukerenui School team.


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