New IFS Replication Architecture Ensures Maxava HA Continues To Outpace Volume Growth

Fully dynamic multi-threaded IFS streaming is here…

PHILADELPHIA, PA, (March 3, 2015) – Maxava, a global leader in IBM i high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) software for both on-premise and cloud environments, significantly raises the performance bar for IFS replication on IBM i.  Maxava HA, built specifically for the IBM i platform, has for many years been viewed as providing the fastest data replication in that space, helping organizations in more than 40 countries protect their business from disaster.   The latest version of Maxava HA is designed specifically to further enhance the handling of high volume IFS data, an area that has caused critical problems for other industry players over the years.

IBM i users know that IFS replication speeds have long been an Achilles heel of some real-time replication solutions. Until now, IBM i replication software solutions have typically only been able to run IBM i IFS replication in a single-thread mode or with very limited fixed number multi-threading – drip-feeding data to the backup.  Now, Maxava HA offers the first fully dynamic multi-threaded IFS replication, for up to 255 parallel IFS dedicated replication processes, bringing IFS replication into line with the best of multi-streamed data and object replication.

Maxava HA’s multi-threaded IFS replication lets organizations dynamically run multiple IFS replication processes in parallel, increasing the throughput so that it is dramatically faster and more efficient with multiple dynamic apply groups and automated trigger points.  Maxava, the acknowledged leader in handling massive data volumes, recognized early the trending growth in this space, and its impact.  To ensure its products continue to exceed expectations, the company, always at the forefront of IBM i HA/DR innovation, commenced a complete redesign of its leading IFS replication engine to ensure that it continues to outpace the trends.  Multi-threaded IFS replication enables faster processing of data on backup systems so that IFS data is replicated and not still sitting in a queue waiting to be processed.

The company is confident that organizations who are serious about backing up their IFS should take a look at Maxava HA’s new, multi-threaded architecture. “Maxava genuinely feels like the guys riding to the rescue”, says Peter Kania, Maxava’s director of technical services and development.  “Even before the latest version was released, we had customers whose replication time was halved since moving to Maxava HA.  Now it’s going to be even better, and organizations who have historically struggled to back up data efficiently and effectively should look to Maxava to change that.”

Released as a PTF, Maxava HA now even more efficiently protects growing volumes of data for all types and sizes of organization by enhancing the way it replicates data for backup. See what Maxava customers have to say at

The solution enhancement is available for Maxava HA Enterprise+ customers to download from the Maxava customer support portal.

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