Maximum Availability Rolls-out Major Rebranding

IRVINE, Calif. (September 8, 2010) – Maximum Availability, a global leader in IBM i high availability (HA) software, announced this week that it has completed a major rebranding of both the Company and its suite of High Availability Products. The company has now formally embraced the trading name “Maxava,” a short form by which it has been known for sometime and has rebranded its *noMAX product range as the new Maxava HA™ Suite.

The products previously called *noMAX sentry, defender and garrison have been renamed Maxava HA™ Data Stream, Maxava HA™ SMB and Maxava HA™ Enterprise. Hand-in-hand with the new branding, Maxava has rolled out a new website, logos, and a comprehensive marketing campaign which reflects the critical nature of high availability software with the tag line – “The Maxava HA Suite provides real time replication for IBM i, delivering Enterprise level disaster recovery”.

“We are very clear about our objectives as a company and for the last decade, we have been developing IBM i HA software for many of the world’s largest and most demanding enterprise customers,” said Maxava CEO Allan Campbell. “Our new branding is designed to focus on these key elements; quality, robust, reliable solutions that are simple to use, the very best IBM i HA software built for the toughest enterprise environments and accessible to all IBM i shops.”

Campbell continued, “Today, we build high-end software very deliberately to ensure that it is designed from the outset to incorporate the features, reliability and ease of use that are critical for any IBM i shop, regardless of size. The underlying quality, architecture and engineering are the same whether you buy our basic replication product (Maxava HA Data Stream) or our top end solution (Maxava HA Enterprise). We don’t subscribe to the approach that says that the data of smaller organizations is somehow of lesser importance or that these organizations should make do with inferior SMB products. There is no compromise with Maxava, we develop software for extreme environments and release it to all our customers through our standard product range.”

Maxava HA software was originally designed to replicate extremely large AS/400 data volumes for the telecommunications market where other vendor’s software had been unable to meet performance requirements, making it the clear choice for very large volume enterprises. The provision of a GUI interface from the outset and resulting ease of management has also made it very accessible and popular with SMB clients worldwide.

“While we have always built software for the most complex enterprise environments, and we have many very successful enterprise as well as SMB customers, our success in the SMB sector has perhaps fed the perception that Maxava only provides SMB solutions” said Campbell. “We are confident that the new branding more accurately reflects our position as a major player with HA/DR solutions across the entire IBM i customer spectrum, and now the only major, fully dedicated IBM i, HA vendor in the market.”

Campbell added that the launch of maxView earlier this year, which, for the first time, introduced remote HA monitoring via mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad and Blackberry, also contributed to the need to refresh the product branding. As part of the rebranding, Maxava is introducing a free version of its well-received maxView software which provides remote access to basic System i status information – whether or not Maxava HA is installed.

About Maxava
Maximum Availability (Maxava) is a worldwide provider of innovative high availability and disaster recovery software solutions for IBM i on Power Systems (formerly AS/400, iSeries, System i) that are sold under the Maxava HA brand. Customers have been using Maxava HA software for a decade to ensure business continuity, reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements. Maxava’s software ensures business resilience for a cross section of the world’s most demanding IBM i customers through SaaS, Cloud, Subscription and traditional licensed software models. Maxava is privately held and has staff and customers located worldwide.

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