Maximum Availability Partners with Databalance to Deliver HA/DR for IBM i in The Netherlands

Maximum Availability(MAXAVA), worldwide provider of high availability and disaster recovery solutions for IBM i, announces a partnership with Databalance, a leading IBM Business Partner based in The Netherlands. This partnership provides new business continuity options for Netherlands customers.

“We are committed to expanding partnerships with leading IBM Business Partners such as Databalance.” said Allan Campbell, CEO of Maximum Availability. “Organizations running the business on IBM i in The Netherlands now have the option of leveraging the combined expertise in business continuity offered by Databalance with the industrial strength HA/DR software.”

Maximum Availability and Databalance have a long history of providing software and services for the IBM i marketplace. Maximum Availability’s High Availability Suite protects data and applications by providing a real-time copy of production data that is always available, minimizing the risk of data loss while protecting business operations from unforeseen events such as hardware failures or natural disasters. Databalance has over a decade of experience providing IT services including application deployment, optimization and full IBM i system and application hosting at its state-of-the-art data center facility in Nieuwkuijk.

Over a dozen IBM i Databalance customers across industries such as Retail, Transportation, Manufacturing and Insurance have already decided to use the *noMAX Software solution to protect their businesses. The protected applications include SAP®, FIS, Eniac and home-grown IBM i applications.

Databalance customers that have recently implemented *noMAX HA/DR solutions cite robustness, stability, rapid processing, clear documentation and the straightforward Graphical User Interface as reasons they are pleased with the solution. “*noMAX demonstrates very quickly (using the GUI or messages) whether and where something is wrong and the reason thereof, so you can be sure the replication is in order and the business is well protected.” said Databalance customer Koninklijke Nedschroef.

“We are very happy with the *noMAX high availability software. We had a power failure and the backup IBM i system went out; after it was restarted the replication continued where it stopped – without having any objects out of sync- it was exactly how it should be.” said Nedschroef.

With *noMAX software even large data backlogs and volumes are processed efficiently. According to Nedschroef “A couple of times after a power failure on the target the backlog was approximately twenty million entries. After restarting *noMAX the backlog caught up very quickly.” This speed is a key point of difference with *noMAX and other HA solutions as *noMAX can be configured with virtually unlimited apply processes or data streams.

Mart van der Elzen, IBM i Specialist at Databalance echoes the positive customer response. “We’re very pleased to partner with MAXAVA to add *noMAX Suite to our Business Continuity offerings. We realize the importance of ensuring disaster preparation for our customers critical IBM i applications.”

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