maxView Manager


maxView Manager ensures you can both monitor and manage your Maxava HA environment from your mobile device – anywhere, anytime.

maxView Manager is available as a free add-on to Maxava HA Enterprise+ 

maxView Manager gives you control, enabling you to manage your Maxava HA Enterprise+ environment, as well as certain IBM i components. This can be done anytime, anywhere with remote monitoring capability.

maxView Manager makes real-time system information available remotely. Along with system information, you can quickly view your Maxava HA Enterprise+ environment, drill down to more detail and issue necessary commands if required.

Information such as communications link failures, exceeding disk utilization thresholds and replication issues are delivered immediately to your mobile device. The interactive feature allows certain actions and requests to be sent back to the system. With the intuitive maxView Manager interface you’ll see a visual alert of system status and Maxava HA Enterprise+ environment, and be able to take action immediately.

Runs on your Mobile Device & Browser

maxView Manager is browser-based technology that has initially been optimized for Apple Safari on the iPhone™ and iPad, Google Chrome on the PC plus various Android and Blackberry devices. maxView Manager also comes with a PC Widget which runs on the desktop toolbar and allows access to the visual monitor for real-time alert notification.