Maxava HA Enterprise offers full functionality across data, objects, IFS, and MQ Series, along with CSF and remote monitoring

Maxava HA Enterprise delivers comprehensive High Availability and Disaster Recovery readiness for an IBM i Application. Enterprise includes all of the functionality of the SMB version along with enhanced replication and monitoring tools necessary for more complex environments.

Maxava HA Enterprise is fully supported for existing Enterprise customers but is not available for new customers.

Find out about upgrading to Maxava HA Enterprise+ here.


Benefits of Maxava Enterprise

  • Maxava HA Enterprise is a premium High Availability solution incorporating all the features of Maxava HA Data Stream and SMB as well as enabling the replication of MQ Series
  • Maxava HA Enterprise offers secure, reliable data, object, spool file, IFS and MQSeries replication
  • Flexibility is the key. Maxava HA Enterprise is fully spec’d with an extensive range of functionality that includes enhanced auditing, autonomics, spool file replication, extensive configuration and management tools – yet still runs extremely quickly and efficiently
  • You can migrate to Maxava HA Enterprise easily and cost effectively from both Maxava HA Data Stream and SMB
  • You can administer your HA solution remotely through a superior GUI or green screen and monitor your HA solution from your web ready mobile device with maxView.