Maxava Customer Case Studies

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WD Media

Operating in a high pressure environment WD Media sought a replication system that could keep their application running while doing a backup, plus have the scalability to meet future business needs....

We simply get what we need today without compromising future IBM platform development or Maxava HA’s ability to scale to the business need. It’s a great combination.

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Location: Malaysia
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Orangeburg County

Under hurricane threat this County embraced Maxava HA Enterprise as the DR solution that would fully restore them in 20-30 mins, rather than struggle for up to a week working from tape back-ups.

Because we’re so dependent on our computerized applications to do our job, it’s critical to be up 24/7. Maxava gives us that peace-of-mind.

  • Industry: Government
  • Location: United States
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KSB Hospital

With lives on the line 24/7 and a move to paperless patient charts, scheduled maintenance downtimes were giving KSB Hospital pain. Relief arrived in the form of the Maxava HA software installation,...

Maxava HA provides us with two significant benefits – disaster recovery capabilities and uptime.

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Location: United States
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Jake’s Finer Foods

Being without power for 12 days following Hurricane Ike and relying on a system self-titled “a wing and a prayer” prompted Jake’s to review its disaster recovery plan. After rigorous...

Maxava delivered everything they said they would, with no loose ends. They made it simple – and powerful. We couldn’t be happier.

  • Industry: DistributionFood & Beverage
  • Location: United States
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